80s Kids

Things only an 80s kid will understand!

Trolls and BMX tricks… the life of an 80’s kid…

It was certainly a memorable experience growing up in the 1980s – the time of bold fashion, big hair and even bigger mobile phones.

Doing tricks on our BMXs, drinking Quatro and being entertained by talking cars, a cardboard mouse on a finger and a gopher named Gordon. We’ve travelled to the 1980s to discover how many of these bring back childhood memories for you.

After all, you must have grown up in the eighties if…

You recorded your favourite TV shows for the first time…on video tape and cried when you accidentally recorded over something you wanted to keep.

You experienced the excitement of your first computer…and used a tape recorder to power up games like Manic Miner and Chuckie Egg.


The words “By the power of Grayskull” made you feel powerful…especially when raising your pretend Power Sword.

Your Sunday night involved recording the top 40 on cassette…and getting fed up when the DJs talked over the end of your favourite tracks & You clipped a Walkman onto your belt
…and listened to Kylie and Jason, Madonna or Michel Jackson.

Ceefax and Teletext were your Internet… they were so cutting-edge








You sat in front of the TV to watch Charles and Di get married…and still remember THAT dress to this day.

Angel delight was your dessert of choice..Either that or Arctic Roll.






Knight Rider was what Saturday night was all about – Why wasn’t your Dad’s capri a talking Pontiac Firebird?!

Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing were your favourite films…We all wanted a hoverboard and to dance like (or with) Patrick Swayze.


You knew the pain of a jelly shoes blister…but couldn’t resist their colourful, glittery charm







You were regularly entertained by a load of puppets…including Orville, Gordon the Gopher, Roland Rat and Fingermouse.

You remember getting your first remote controlled TV…and the joy of flicking over to the brand new Channel 4.

Your pocket money got significantly heavier…when the pound note disappeared and the new £1 coin arrived.






You wasted months trying to solve the Rubik’s cube…and told your friends you’d solved it, when really it was your Dad.









You spent your pocket money on a quarter of sweets…or sneaked an extra cola bottle into your 10p mix up.

What was great about growing up in the 1980s for you? Did you sport a snazzy shell suit? Or deely boppers? Or both?! We’d love to hear all about the sounds you played on your Walkman or the toys and TV shows that shaped your formative years…studio@mearns80s.co.uk